Men and women disagree on a lot of things. Clothing is one of them.

While we’re huge advocates for certain types of clothing (how could anyone dislike sweatpants?!), there are a few items you might wear that your girlfriend cannot stand. To dive a little deeper, we interviewed women and asked them what their boyfriends wear that they hate, and which men’s fashion trends need to die. We then asked men if they wear the articles of clothing mentioned in the previous answers.

Here’s what both sides had to say.

Clothes You Wear That Your Girlfriend Hates

List of mentioned clothing:

  • Skinny jeans that are “way too tight”
  • Ripped jeans
  • Boot cut denim
  • Jorts, aka “jean shorts”
  • Cargo shorts
  • Old athletic shorts
  • High school or college clothing
  • Pastel colors
  • Running shoes with jeans
  • Flip flops or “mandals”

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