3 steps to finding the right sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses might seem tough, especially online — but don’t abandon ship before checking off this list! Keep these steps close during your selection process, and you’ll look good and feel good in your shades stat.
We promise (after all, we’re the experts).

different face shapes The easiest place to start? Figure out your face shape. Not to get all scientific on you, but the angles and curves of your face influence how certain styles look on you — BIG time. Keep face proportion and frame size in mind, so you don’t pick a pair that overpowers your features.find-your-face-shape different lens tints The way you see the world through your sunglasses makes a huge difference. Certain lens tints can make or break your game, your golf swing, or your view of the beach. Make sure you choose lenses that best cater to your awesome/cool/full-throttle/busy/lazy (hey, we don’t judge) lifestyle.find-your-lens-tint


When picking a specific color or frame style, be sure to choose a pair that suits you. Need shades for a certain sport or to cheer on your favorite team? We’ve got guides for that. Also, when choosing sunglass color, be sure to keep skin tone in mind — certain colors look better on warm or cool tones. No worries, we’ve got a guide for that, too.

Find Your Style Find Your Sport Find Your Team Colors Find Your Skin Tone



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