If there’s one thing I love, it’s gummy worms. But a close second would be bright colors. And bright colored sunglass frames? Well what could be better? I first noticed this becoming a trend last summer when I worked at a camp. We had a different color shirt we wore daily, and a girl I worked with wore different bright-framed sunglasses daily to match those shirts. I was instantly envious and went out in search of my own. These bright colors usually come in a retro style pair of sunglasses. Sunglass Warehouse has many options to choose from to suit your (and my) needs. I love these sunglasses.

Bright Neon Colored Sunglasses Wayfarer Frames

Retro Style #1610

They are only $13.56. What a steal! And in addition to the neon pink, you can get blue, orange or yellow. Does anyone else love these brightly colored sunglasses or am I alone? At least I know that Demi Lovato does.

Bright Neon Colored Sunglasses Wayfarer Frames

Photo: urbanmoms.ca

So there I go validating my reasoning with a Disney star? I know, I’m insanely awesome. You don’t have to tell me. Have a great day!