Finding affordable sunglasses can be a challenge. Finding sunglasses to fit your abnormally large noggin — that’s a whole new level.

Signs that you might need a pair of wide or extra wide sunglasses:

  • If you’re constantly getting headaches from wearing sunglasses that are too tight for your face.
  • If the temples of your shades stick out further than the widest point of the frame.
  • If you’ve ever tried on a friend’s pair of shades only to break them.
  • If you can’t fit any of the sunglasses in stores on your face.
  • If someone has sarcastically implied your sunglasses do not fit, by saying, “Hey those sunglasses realllllly fit your face.”

Lucky for you, we have plenty of large sunglass frames perfect for wide faces. Here are our best sunglasses for big heads, organized by frame shape, to keep you looking like you didn’t just buy shades from the children’s section.


Unlike that friend that always leaves you behind, our aviators are the wingman you can count on. This classic style looks best on wide, square or oval face shapes. Try our extremely popular mirrored aviator style, Caliber. which is featured below. Another of our top choices for wide aviator shades is Hendrix, which adds a subtle modern element with a plastic and metal frame.

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Retro Square Sunglasses

Big and bold, retro square sunglasses look best on wide, round faces. This is because the square shape of the frame adds dimension to the soft edges that are characteristic of round face shapes. For a classic look, we suggest our polarized Drifter sunglasses, featured below.

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 Round Sunglasses

Round shades are making a comeback, and look particularly good on square faces. Throw a nod in to good o’l John Lennon and try a pair or two. Our Grafton shades shown below have a plastic front with a metal bridge and temples for a classic retro round look. If spring hinges are your thing, our metal Parker frame is your best bet.

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