Thinking about joining a softball league this summer? Coaching your kid’s tee-ball team? Planning to spend long afternoons at the baseball diamond with a hot dog and beer in hand?

No matter how you plan to enjoy America’s favorite sport this season, we’ve got the sunglasses you need to get out there safely and in style. Check out our best sunglasses for baseball and softball players below.




Our Whitecap sunglasses have colorful mirrored lenses, so that you can shield your eyes from your opponents. Shatterproof lenses protect your shades from breaking when you’re sliding into home or diving for grounders.


Baseball Recess


Polarized lenses will cut out glare on those bright, sunny days. Our Recess sunglasses are polarized and shatterproof, so you can batter up with clear vision and no fear of breaking your shades.


Baseball Fresco


Perfect to wear underneath a batting helmet, our Fresco sunglasses have foam padding around the lenses, keeping them comfortable on your face. A wraparound style keeps these sports shades secure so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.




Another wraparound style, our Alpine sunglasses have polarized lenses to help you scan the field more clearly. We like to think of polarization as your secret weapon in one-upping your opponent (don’t worry, we won’t tell).




Our Shanghai sunglasses are a half-rim style that feels lighter on your face, but still offers that secure wraparound protection. Oh, and did we mention they’re polarized? (Score!)

Need some more info on how to choose the best sunglasses for baseball or softball? We can help. Check out our resource page with lens tint recommendations and more!

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