As a stout and porter guy, the summer presents the opportunity to branch out and try new things, as nothing goes down worse after mowing grass in 90-degree heat than a room temperature stout (except for maybe milk). So, when tasked with narrowing down the top summer beers of 2016, I had to think situationally — i.e., which beers go best with campfires, beaches, barbecues, etc. 

Because my beloved stouts and porters are not as easily consumed during the summer months, here are my 10 favorite summer beers for 2016, presented in unranked order and served up with my local Indiana favorites first.

best summer beer

3 Floyd’s Yum Yum — Munster, Indiana

Disclaimer: I’m a 3 Floyd’s fanboy. This shiz is the biz. If you’re traveling through the Midwest and find yourself in Indiana or Chicagoland, pick up this refreshing APA. With less punch that 3 Floyd’s legendary Zombie Dust, this is an incredibly drinkable and delicious brew — my favorite beer this summer for drinking during weekend brodeos.

Available throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

Quaff On! Yellow Dwarf — Bloomington, Indiana

The lesser-known Big Woods Brewery in Indiana distributes this tasty citrus wheat beer, Yellow Dwarf, though it’s Quaff On! distributing arm. Comes in 4 packs… when you’re in town, buy two.

Available throughout Indiana.

Sun King’s Osiris — Indianapolis, Indiana

The Indianapolis brewery’s American Pale. Light and hoppy with a slightly bitter finish that won’t fill you up. Great for your next backyard burger nosh.

Available throughout Indiana.

Sierra Nevada’s Blindfold Black IPA — Chico, California

A stout-and-porter man’s best friend during the hot summer months. You can conveniently score this one in Sierra’s seasonal 12-pack at your local grocer and get your coffee stout fix without murdering your stomach parts on a hot summer day.

Widely available.

Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute IPA — Milton, Delaware

You can’t go wrong with pretty much anything from Dogfish Head, and their 60 minute IPA is the perfect beer for your next party at the lake. The right amount of hop with no bitter aftertaste. Tasty.

Widely available.

Heileman Brewing Company’s Old Style — Chicago, Illinois

Every summer beer list needs a dollar can of beer — this is mine. Unlike Pabst, no mustache or ironic t-shirt required, though as a Cards fan I’ve noticed it seems a little more bitter this year.

Available in the Great Lakes Area.

Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga’ Substitute Ale — Petaluma, California

A strong IPA brewed to make up for missing their Brown Shugga’ release turned out to be one of their best. Citrusy hops with a smooth finish.

Widely available.

Boulevard’s Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale — Missouri

Boulevard’s master saison. A little pricey for a 4-pack, but very good for any occasion. Good amount of foamy head and the Belgian yeast and fruit flavors deliver one of the best all around beers on this list.

Widely Available.

Stone Brewing’s Mocha IPA — Escondido, California

Defies tradition — an IPA full of coffee flavor with all the hops you want. Another choice for us dark beer drinkers to enjoy when the warm season is upon us.

Widely available.

Goose Island’s 312 — Chicago, Illinois

Their “Urban Wheat Ale” is a mild drinking carbonated take on the style and is a great option for days you find yourself in the hot sun.

Available in the Midwest.