Goodbye, 2016. Hello, 2017. Will this be the year that you grab some of your resolutions by the horns? We know how resolution goal-setting can be. We also know how accomplishing your resolutions can feel impossible. Let us help (you’re welcome). Below we’ve offered a few resolutions that we think are worth sticking to.

#1. Read More

Have you started a new job and feel like you can’t keep up because you have no idea what the CEO is talking about when he only uses business acronyms? Lucky for you, we have a solution: read more. It’s been said that if someone reads for 15 minutes a day then they are exposed to over one millions words a year. Having a hard time picking books that you think you will like? Sign up for a Goodreads account and you’ll receive suggestions immediately.

#2. Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses don’t just make you look cool, they also protect your eyes from UV lights.  Research has shown that we are exposed to UV lights on a continual basis, which is exactly what you want to avoid. By wearing sunglasses when you’re at the beach or mowing the grass, your eyes will be protected. Have you thought about polarized glasses? You should.

#3. Get a Pet

Are you a dog or cat person? Regardless – pets add years to your life. If you’re on the hunt for a new BFF or Netflix buddy, think about investing in a furry friend. Studies have shown that pets actually help your heart. If you do have a pet and find yourself getting annoyed by taking it on walks, just remember that you’re moving and ultimately you can thank them for the exercise.

#4. Find Friends

Next time you’re with friends or family – thank them. Believe it or not, meaningful relationships bring health and meaning to your life. There was a study in the PLoS Medicine that compared healthy and fulfilling relationships to quitting smoking. Hanging out with friends keeps you from feeling neglected, being depressed, and excessively eating. So instead of adding on the pounds, go make a new friend.

#5. Add Hours of Sleep

Put away your phones and get some sleep. When it comes to nighttime routines, make sure that you get at least seven hours of sleep. Not enough sleep actually can cause artery damage and cardiovascular disease. Don’t think you’re getting enough sleep or maybe you don’t even know what you’re actually getting: invest in a Fitbit or sleeping app.

Are you wanting to join in on these resolutions or already have? We want to hear about it (and hold you accountable). Comment in the section below or give us a shoutout on Facebook or Twitter.