We get it. The holidays are hectic. Chaotic. Between Santa bar crawls and ugly sweater parties, there’s a lot to keep track of in the month of December. We understand if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping a month in advance. What we cannot sympathize with, though, is showing up on Christmas Day empty-handed. Whether you have a few weeks or only a few hours, here are our top Christmas gifts for everyone on your list and when to buy them.

best last-minute christmas gifts

20 Days Before Christmas

If you’re on top of Christmas shopping this year, consider a personalized gift like this vertical bar necklace or these accessories. Not only does this show a little extra effort on your part, but there are also a ton of inexpensive personalized gift options on Etsy. When purchasing from the popular site, make sure to read the fine print. Because many of the goods are handmade from smaller vendors, shipping times and production may take longer than ordering from a big e-commerce site. You don’t want to order the perfect gift only to have it arrive 2 months late because you had no idea the vendor shipped from Slovenia. 

10 Days Before Christmas

Shipping products during the holidays is crazy. Our advice? Give yourself at least 10 days for any online orders to ensure they arrive before Christmas Day. We also recommend ordering from sites you trust. This is not the time to try your luck with a small merchant in Barbados, no matter how unique those hand-chiseled wooden sunglasses may be.

If you have 10 days before Christmas, our favorite gifts include sports jerseys, winter jackets, watches, books, and movies. The good thing about all of these gifts is that they’re probably not going to be sold out and you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from. If you’re still nervous the gift won’t arrive in time for Christmas Day, purchase from sites known for quick deliveries, like Amazon.

5 Days Before Christmas

With only five days before Christmas, ordering anything online is a gamble. Instead, head to the store and pick up a six-pack of your favorite local beer or wine for the family to share on Christmas. If you’re feeling sentimental, print a few pictures and frame them. Places like Staples and Walgreens offer one-hour printing while craft stores such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby have tons of coupons you can use to buy picture frames. And, if all else fails, relaxing gifts like lotions and candles are always solid options, too.

1 Day Before Christmas

The best last-minute gifts you can still purchase mere hours before Christmas Day (heck, you could probably buy some of these on Christmas Day if you had to) include concert tickets, flights, and popular online subscription services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Birchbox. So, if you don’t feel like fighting the masses at the mall on Christmas Eve, these gifts are your best bet.

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