Whether you bring the heat or come out swinging, the diamond is yours for the taking. Protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses that will make the most of every at-bat. Get out there and play ball.

Best Sunglasses for Baseball and Softball

Key Components of Baseball & Softball Sunglasses:

  • A snug, wraparound fit will prevent your shades from falling off as you slide into home or dive for a ball.
  • Look for rubber ear pieces to help secure your sunglasses to the back of your head or on the inside of your helmet.
  • Decrease the likelihood of your glasses shattering on the field by picking a pair with plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Good news — all of our sports sunglasses come with this type of lens.
  • If you’re looking for durability, a full frame style will be less likely than half-rim or rimless sunglasses to break on impact.

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1. Recess

baseball sunglassesOur Recess sunglasses have a sporty wraparound frame and shatterproof mirrored lenses. Not only do mirrored lenses protect your vision with UV protection, they’ll also add some style to your game. And that’s important.

3. Sling

slingWith a wraparound frame, these shades will stay put when swinging or running. If you’re playing on a sunny day, use our Sling sunglasses to reduce glare, preserve color quality, and reduce eye strain. All very important when trying to hit something pretty small.

3. Pipeline

sporty baseball sunglassesThese semi-rimless sporty sunglasses feature a lightweight frame that won’t hold you back. Add in polarized lenses and you have a winner. For more information about the benefits of polarized sunglasses, check out our guide.

4. Bighorn

semi rimless sunglassesOur bighorn shades feature a wraparound frame and large, oversized lenses. For bright days, you won’t find better sun coverage than these sunglasses with smoke lenses.

5. Range

wide sporty sunglassesThe undercover sporty sunglasses. With a square frame, our Range sunglasses look a bit different than the others. That’s not a bad thing. And if you’re one of those people that can’t find sunglasses big enough to fit your massive dome, look no further — these shades have a very wide fit and include TAC polarized lenses to cut glare.

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