I may or may not have discovered THE MOST ADORABLE PRODUCT EVER while browsing the Web. I guess I’ll share the cuteness with you – Baby Banz. Yep, sunglasses for wittle babieeees.

baby in sunglasses


These sunglasses feature a strap to hold the sunglasses onto said baby’s head so you can let your baby shine in the sun without having to worry about the shades falling off. They have polarized lenses and an embedded silicone nose and brow piece for extra comfort. They provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. So, these sunglasses are practical, comfortable, health conscious and just DOWN RIGHT CUTE!


Check out these retro Banz and imagine the cutest baby you know wearing these.retro black baby sunglasses

I just felt the compelling urge to share my new discovery with the world, because who doesn’t love a baby? I’m totally getting Baby Banz for my nieces – how cute!