April Fool's Day Pranks

Looking for some clever ways to prank those near and dear to you this April Fool’s Day? Well, look no further. We’ve got jokes for everyone in your life, ranging from the innocently harmless to the downright unforgivable. Let the fooling begin.

For Your Co-Workers

  • Start the morning by placing a “Voice Activated” sign on the office coffee maker, sit back, and enjoy the show.
  • Bring in a box of doughnuts for the office, but replace the doughnuts inside with onions (or some other equally disappointing food item).
  • Tape a funny picture to the top of the photocopier. We suggest Justin Bieber, Nicholas Cage, or Bill Murray head shots.
  • Change your next door desk neighbor’s desktop wallpaper to something appropriate, yet embarrassing. If you’re a graphic designer — the options here are endless.
  • Wrap every item and piece of furniture in someone’s cubicle (desk included) in tin foil or wrapping paper.
  • Rearrange cubicle walls so that someone’s desk is completely trapped.
  • Move someone’s desk into the restroom.
  • Change the language on someone’s computer.
  • Put “Please Use Other Door” signs on all the entrances to your building.
  • If a co-worker uses two monitors, switch them so that the screen arrangement is off when they try to drag windows between the two.

For Your Significant Other

  • Create wacky appointments and calendar alerts on their phone that will go off throughout the day (or throughout the whole week if you’re feeling particularly funny).
  • If you live together, tell your significant other that your parents are renovating their home and are coming to stay with you for a month. “Isn’t that exciting?!”
  • Change your name in your significant other’s contacts. Imagine their face when they see that Angelina Jolie is calling.
  • Order a custom temporary tattoo with your significant other’s name on it. Come home that evening and gush about your new ink job.
  • Print out fake tickets to a concert or event you know your significant other will hate — we’re thinking a Celine Dion reunion tour or something of that sort.
  • If your significant other is not a cat or dog fan, borrow a pet from a friend for a few hours and pretend that it’s a gift.
  • Print out a fake parking ticket and leave it on their car while it’s parked in the driveway.

For Your Kids

  • Put a For Sale sign in the front of the yard. Oh, the cruelty.
  • Make your kids an ice cream sundae using mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum.
  • Freeze your kids’ breakfast and serve it to them as if nothing is wrong.
  • For older kids, fake a call from their principal.
  • Place clear tape on the remote control sensor so that your kids think the TV is broken.
  • Tint the milk in your fridge blue with a little bit of food coloring.
  • If you have more than one kid, wait until they’re asleep, and then switch them into different beds.
  • Lay out clothes for your kid to put on in the morning, but make sure they’re a few sizes too big or too small.

Do you have any other pranks to add to this list? Share your most classic April Fool’s Day jokes with us on Facebook or Twitter