While many couples bask in the sun of love on Valentine’s Day, there are millions of single adults that sometimes feel left out. While the holiday is meant for couples to celebrate, there should be no reason that singles can’t also celebrate. We don’t want anyone feeling left out or bored this Valentine’s Day, so here are a few ideas for all of you kickin’ it solo this year.

Go to the Movies

If you find yourself with no plans – how about going to a movie? There are countless films in every genre that we guarantee you will enjoy. Grab some popcorn and relax. You deserve it! Need movie ideas? We suggest: La La Land, Split, and Arrival. If you’re feeling adventurous on this “love” holiday – you can see Fifty Shades Darker.

Hang Out With Friends

We guarantee not all of your friends have a significant other. Grab other single people and invite them over. From a group meal with lots of games to a bonfire – there is no reason you should be alone this holiday.

Take a Mini Vacation

Don’t travel enough? Well, take this Valentine’s Day and go explore. All you have to do is get in your car and drive to a new place. If you’re anything like us, you probably forget all of the cool attractions and places close to where you live. Whether it is a park, monument, or anything else – get out and see the world around you.

Cross Off Your To-Do’s

Maybe you don’t feel like being around a lot of people this Valentine’s Day. Instead of sitting around, why don’t you whip out that pesky to-do list and start knocking tasks off? While it may not be the most glamorous option, taking care of the to-do list will only bring satisfaction.

Treat Yo’ Self

No need to shed tears that you won’t be getting gifts this year. Instead of complaining, take the bull by the horns and buy yourself some things that you want. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a pair of jeans for a while or the shoes you have been coveting were just marked down. Regardless, spend a few extra dollars on yourself. You deserve it!

Whatever you prefer, it’s no doubt that a little time and money spent on yourself or with friends is good for the soul.

Not sure what you’re going to do this Valentine’s Day? Let us know below with what suggestions really spoke to you or things you have done in the past.