This isn’t the first time I’ve yearned to emulate a drawing. When I was eight years old, Aladdin was released, and there wasn’t much I wouldn’t have done to have woken up one day magically transformed into his almond-eyed princess. Though probably not anatomically correct, who can rock a midriff-bearing harem girl ensemble better than Jaz?  No one. That’s who.

I’ve carried this interest with me and it’s infiltrated my love ‘o fashion. Check out these fashion illustrations, all of which feature my favorite accessory. If you too feel the emulative draw, check out the link below each masterpiece.

  1. Dark aviators and red lips are a deadly pair.
  2. The fashion police with their probing eyewear.
  3. Peace, love and eighties throwbacks.
  4. Urban shields.
  5. King.
  6. Money shot.

I can’t decide between Biggie and the Kaiser as my top pick. Which piece is your favorite? Is there a drawing or cartoon whose sartorial prowess makes your heart flutter?