Social media is a funny thing. It’s where we go to connect with our friends and share some of our favorite experiences and memories. However, sometimes we find ourselves following accounts that give us major FOMO and we end up comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reels.

To take the pressure off and liven up your feed, we’re bringing you 6 hilarious social media accounts that will have you laughing more and comparing less.

Twitter: @Wendys

If you like Wendy’s food, then you will love their tweets. Anything from roasting their fast food competitors to hilarious clap backs. Moral of the story–don’t cross Wendy’s. 

Twitter: @MoonPie
Instagram: @theoriginalmoonpie

Little did you know, MoonPie has more to offer than dessert. They also provide entertaining tweets to liven up your feed.


Mom I’m Fine
Twitter and Instagram: @momimfine

This man quit his job to travel the world and posts pictures to Instagram to reassure his mom that “he’s fine.”


Doug The Pug
Twitter and Instagram: @itsdougthepug

Doug The Pug is the most lovable and pop culture savvy pup on the internet. Don’t be surprised when you find yourself scrolling through his feed for hours. 

Quarter Life Poetry
Twitter and Instagram: @quarterlifepoetry

The comical and relatable struggles of adulting in prose.


Twitter and Instagram: @MoosejawMadness

Moosejaw is known for being the most fun outdoor retailer, and their social media accounts definitely live up to their reputation.