Water Sports

It might be the middle of August, but we’ve still got plenty of warm weather left for some summer water sports. Check out the five we can’t wait to try below, and see our recommended shades for each activity. #GetOutThere


Recommended Shades: Pipeline #1371

Kayaking is not only a relaxing way to spend some time on the water, it’s a great upper body and core workout. If you live by the beach, go for a coastline adventure. If not, rent a few for the day at your nearest marina.

Just make sure to wear sunblock! The reflection from the water will expose you to lots of sun and let’s be honest, it’s easy to lose track of time out there.


Recommended Shades: Renegade #1023

Stand-up paddleboarding, usually referred to as SUP, has gained more and more mainstream attention over the past few years. While purchasing your own SUP board can be pretty pricey, you can find affordable rental options all over the place.

The best part about SUP? It’s easy to learn. Most people can enjoy it on their very first time out on the water. But if you’re feeling super adventurous, look for SUP yoga classes through a studio near you. It’s the latest trend in SUP and it’s harder than it looks!

Fly Fishing

Recommended Shades: Arctic #602

If you’ve mastered the art of traditional fishing, why not take fly fishing for a spin? Before you commit to becoming a full-on fly fishing enthusiast, rent or borrow the gear you need (wading boots, fly rod, weighted line, etc.) and spend a day getting your feet wet … no pun intended.

One piece of gear you should invest in? Polarized shades. These special lenses will help you see through the surface of the water more clearly so you can catch more fish and less seaweed.


Recommended Shades: Acadia #487

The jury is still out on whether or not this activity qualifies as a real “sport”, but since it’s basically the most fun thing ever, we really don’t care.

Unless you own a few jet skis of your own or have some friends with a lake house ready to mooch from, renting these for an hour or two is the way to go. If you’re jet skiing in the ocean, make sure you wear goggles or sport style sunglasses to keep the salt water out of your eyes. #Ouch.


Recommended Shades: Biscayne #8660

Fly … what?! Flyboarding is a fairly new phenomenon. It involves standing on a board that’s connected to a watercraft (usually a jet ski). The flyboard works as a water jet pack, and the rider is propelled up into the air to perform flips, tricks, and stunts.  

Sounds hard, right? Well, we can’t say it’s easy. But there are lots of ways to take a lesson and give the extreme sport a go. If you’re based in Indianapolis (like us), check out Indy Flight Academy for more information.

Still looking for that perfect pair of summer sports sunglasses? We’ve got tons to choose from for $20 or less.

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