In the midst of crazy work schedules and those adult responsibilities we love to avoid, it can be easy to miss the days of napping in between classes and living with your friends. It’s normal to be nostalgic while you’re working your 9-5 job and longing for the time when your day ended at 2 p.m., but before you romanticize your college days too much, here are 5 things about college that you probably wouldn’t want to revisit:

1. The peer pressure to constantly go out

giphy-going out

We all remember those Saturday nights where all we wanted to do was stay in and binge watch every episode of “Friends,” but after thorough explanation from our friends of everything we’ll  be missing we eventually give into FOMO and hop in the taxi.

Luckily, once you are post college Netflix becomes a highly sought after activity.


2. Limited food selection


Grocery shopping just doesn’t happen when you’re living in the dorms, and the food at the dining hall is only good for a few days before the food rotations start to repeat themselves, and a home cooked meal begins to sound like a gourmet feast.


3. Dorm life


Scheduled hall meetings, quiet hours, communal bathrooms, sharing rooms, twin beds. We could go on. When nostalgia creeps in and you find yourself wanting to go back to your college days, just remember these not so great aspects we had to live through in order to taste the oh-so sweet freedom we now experience.


4. No money


Trying to be an independent adult on income from your campus job is not easy. If it weren’t for ramen noodles and weeknight drink specials we would have been broke as a joke. However, thanks to our poor college years we were able to make a little money go a long way, and turn into savvy adults who know how to spend less and do more.


5. All nighters

giphy-all nighter

Between staying up all night studying and/or facing the consequences from procrastinating on that project deadline we knew about for months, sleep was often scarce. Finally, no more staying up until 3 a.m. cranking out term papers.


So as we watch our alma maters welcome back students for the new school year we can smile as we reflect on our own glory days all while we enjoy the benefits that come with being post college.

Of course, you’ll still have times when you want to relive your college days, and you still can… that’s what Homecoming and Alumni weekends are for.