Here at Sunglass Warehouse, summer is taken very seriously. We stock up on all the newest styles, frames, and lenses because we know that you’re going to be spending a ton of time outdoors. From music festivals to lake house shenanigans, you should have stylish shades that you also won’t be afraid to destroy. Because summer destroys shades. It’s a fact.

And while we know that your Twitter feed is currently blowing up with the likes of Donald Trump and baby penguins eating doughnuts*, take a second to check out what’s trending this summer at the warehouse. We think you’ll like what you see.

1. Camelot

We named these round shades with mirrored lenses “Camelot” because they’re magical. In looks.

round mirrored sunglasses

2. Granger

A pair of retro square polarized sunglasses that you’ll be wearing every day this summer. Throw in a keyhole bridge for added style.

matte retro square sunglasses

3. Darling

Top notch prints on a cat eye frame. Purr-fect for hanging out poolside.

cat eye mixed media sunglasses

4. Solar

The wingman you can trust. A pair of mirrored aviators to bring everywhere and anywhere this summer.

mirrored metal aviators

5. Revolver

Fortune favors the bold. Go big with double brow bar sunglasses and mirrored lenses.

double brow modern sunglasses

Stock up this summer with a couple pairs for every adventure. We’re looking forward to long days, good weather, and endless sweating (less excited about the sweating part). Bring on summer!

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*We are unsure as to if this actually exists, but we really hope it does.