Thought the thought of Pinterest may evoke images of chicks pining over wedding dresses, nail polish art, and do-it-yourself jewelry organizers, guys are making their mark, too. From drinks to design with a little bacon thrown in the mix, there are a number of men with boards other guys want to see — and repin. Meet the five men we think are a must-follow! (And why not follow us, too, while you’re at it?)

Mike D (@tempspaz)

Mike D Pinterest boards

In addition to keeping his Pinterest boards active, Mike D blogs about it all — food, drinks, design, you name it.

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Daniel Bear Hunley (@danielhunley)

Daniel Bear Hunley Pinterest boards

When it comes to Pinterest, Daniel Bear Hunley is big time, named by Time Magazine as one of the Top 30 Style Pinners. We happen to think his boards (and his blog) are pretty baller, too.

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Mike McDowell (@mudpuppy)

Mike McDowell Pinterest boards

More than a pinner, Mike McDowell is a doer. Follow his boards, then check out his collection of hand crafted ceramics.

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Thomas Murphy (@therealmurphy)

Thomas Murphy Pinterest boards

If you like what you see on Thomas Murphy’s Pinterest boards, we highly recommend shooting over to his site for even more inspiration.

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Michael Wurm, Jr. (@inspiredbycharm)

Michael Wurm Jr Pinterest boards

Michael Wurm, Jr. brings his boards to life by decorating, designing, creating, and cooking, and then sharing it all on his blog.

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