Break Your Shades

The guilt, the shame, the horror.

Okay, okay. While it might not be quite that intense, if you frequently find yourself a victim of lost or broken sunglasses, we feel your pain. But instead of feeling like a loser for totally destroying those new aviators, we think you should just embrace it.

All of our shades at Sunglass Warehouse are $20 or less. At a price like that, you can afford to break or lose a pair or two without totally blowing your budget. So, go on. Get your face out of your palm and instead, check out these 30 creative ways to lose or break your sunglasses. What the hell, try some out if you want. Because lucky for you, we know where you can find a new, better pair on the cheap.

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Lose Them

1. You left them on the roof of your car (along with your keys, your coffee, your phone, and your wallet) and drove off into the sunset as if nothing was wrong.

2. You forgot they were on top of your head before you rode Splash Mountain.

3. Vacation. The beach. Waves. Enough said.

4. Your girlfriend borrowed them and keeps “forgetting” to bring them back.

5. You left them in the pocket of that Top Gun jumpsuit you rented … for Halloween, of course.

6. A magician made them disappear.

7. You ran out of poker chips at last Thursday’s tournament…

8. You let your cousin borrow them for the Indy 500 and never got them back (we can’t say we’re surprised).

9. Unlike the keys to your boat, your sunglasses don’t float.  (But, there’s a case for that!)

10. You threw them at the ref at your son’s high school football game. And you did so in the nicest way possible.

11. You traded them for a snack.

12. They fell out of your jogging stroller (and by that we know you mean your kid threw them over the side, but we won’t tell).

13. You were minding your own business at the zoo, when an ostrich (out of nowhere!) came up and snatched them off your face.

14. You accidentally planted them. In the ground. Nobody messes with you and your tomato patch.

15. You got overly excited at the Def Leppard concert last summer and threw them up onstage. Unfortunately, you did not get a guitar pick in return…

Break Them

16. Your three-year-old daughter was playing with them. We get it, wraparound sports shades look a lot like princess tiaras.

17. Your annual beach volleyball tournament got a little too intense.

18. Your friend bet that you couldn’t karate chop them in half. You won the bet.

19. You ran over them in the driveway. We’re still not sure how that one happened…

20. Will it blend? The answer is yes, it will blend.

21. You’ve decided you’re now too old for mosh pits. And your broken shades prove it.

22. You sat on them in the car. Classic.

23. Dropping them into the campfire was not part of your backpacking trip agenda…

24. Stampede … aka you dropped them at the start of your last 5k road race.

25. You were chopping things up to grill kabobs and somehow, your sunglasses got mixed up in the mess.

26. They went through the washing machine (along with your chapstick, and your grocery list … sorry, honey).

27. You dissected them. For science.

28. When you mow the lawn, nothing is safe.

29. “The dog ate them” which, as we all know, really means that your wife is not a fan of your Pitbull-lookalike shades.

30. You simply snapped them in half. Like a boss. *Pound it*