We are well into August now, and as we anxiously await fall’s chill and changing scenery, we have been hearing a lot about the latest women’s fall fashion trends. Where does this leave the guys? If you are one trendy dude and have been wondering what you should wear when the season changes, then this post is for you.

Here are some of the top fashion trends for men this fall.


Pantone Fall 2012 Men's Fashion Colors

In Esquire’s coverage of Fashion Week, they deemed blue-black (darker than navy, but not quite black) to be the color of the season after spotting it in nearly every collection. Pantone’s Fashion Color Report has a list of the trendy hues for gents to don this season. (We’re loving that bright chartreuse!)


The bad boy look is back and women everywhere will swoon. The leather is the go-to material for the season. Just remember, head-to-toe leather is a no-no. However, a statement piece like a great jacket goes a long way.


Ditch those plain shirts. Plaids, stripes, checks, and other patterns are in for the season.


Those autumn nights can get pretty chilly (and you gotta have a nice jacket to wrap around your date). Luckily, stylish outerwear will be a top trend this fall! Think top coats, toggle coats, and pea coats. The military trend will be as big as ever this fall, so keep that in mind when choosing a jacket or coat.


This has been popular in women’s fashion for a long time now. Luckily, layering is making its way onto the men’s fashion scene as well. Not only are the added layers trendy, but they will keep you nice and toasty and you can always take layers off if you start to sweat. Try not to get too crazy with the colors and patterns; the safest way to layer is to stick to neutral colors.

Other notable trends for the fall are natural textures, fitted suits, and metal-detailing on the shoes. Of course, we would not let those eyes go unprotected. Aviators are a popular sunglasses choice for men. Dust off those fall clothes or take a shopping trip because that cool weather is on its way!