15 Reasons We're Pumped About Spring

Technically, spring has been here for a few weeks already. But if you live in the Midwest like us, you’re probably just now getting a taste of the warm weather and sunshine you’ve been waiting for all winter.

After a few days with temps in the 70s, we’re pumped for spring and all it has to offer. Here’s why:

1. Outdoor Concerts

Whether it’s tickets to your favorite band’s reunion tour, or just catching a local band during open mic night, there’s nothing better than listening to some live music and watching the sun go down.

2. Backyard Barbecues

Fire up the grill and call the neighbors! It’s that time of year again, when you eat literally every meal outside on the porch. We’re not mad about it.

3. Baseball Games

Hot dogs, cold beer, yelling at the umpires … even if you don’t go to actually watch the game, we can’t think of a better way to spend a spring evening. Three cheers for the home team!

4. Short Sleeves and Flip-Flops

Goodbye boots, we’ll see you next year. It’s time to give our toes a little fresh air. From here on out, it’s all about short-sleeves, flip-flops, and shorts.

5. Going on Runs and Walks

Sick of the treadmill? Us too. We couldn’t be more excited to hit the trails, pavement, sidewalk — really any surface we’re allowed to run on. Bonus — our dogs are pretty excited about this one, too.

6. Leaves on the Trees

The trees have been naked for far too long. We’re excited for some more green in our lives — green grass, green leaves. Nature, man. It’s good for the soul.

7. Drinking on Patios

“Inside or outside?”

We’ve been dying to hear restaurant hosts ask us this question for months. Now, finally, we can respond “outside” and enjoy a drink or two in the sunshine.

8. People Watching

The first few days of warm weather are always exciting because everyone (and we mean, everyone) comes out of hibernation to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Pick a park bench and enjoy the parade, folks.

9. Thunderstorms

Ahhh, the fresh smell of rain on a spring day. As much as we love sunshine (sunshine = sunglasses … duh) we also love a good spring rain. Open the windows, curl up with a book (or Netflix), and let the thunder roll in.

10. Local Farmers’ Markets

Supermarket veggies just don’t cut it once you try the locally-grown goods at your farmers’ market. We’re ready for early Saturday mornings spent bartering for hearty tomatoes, fresh watermelon, and locally-grown berries. Yum.

11. Ice Cream

Does this one really need an explanation? Ice cream is just good, okay. And we’ve been too cold to eat it until now.

12. Camping and Hiking

Lace up those hiking boots. From long, weekend backpacking trips to quick jaunts around local state parks — we can’t wait to hit the trails and explore the great outdoors this spring.

13. Flowers and Gardens

Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb yourself, catching a whiff of freshly planted, brightly-colored flowers on a walk around the neighborhood always reminds us how great this season is.

14. Hammocks

Naps + being outside = pure bliss. Need we say more?

15. Sunglasses

Please tell us you saw this one coming. With the arrival of warmer weather and sunshine, we get to wear sunglasses all the time! What could be better? In our minds — nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Happy spring! Get out there and enjoy some sunshine.