As the summer heats up, so do those summer romances! If you’ve found yourself a summer love and are wondering how you’re going to keep the fire burning all summer long, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here are 12 date night ideas that will keep you summer lovin’ all season long:

1. Cook a steak dinner together

What says “sizzling summer romance” better than a sizzling steak in your very own kitchen, or better yet, on your patio? (The answer is nothing.) Turning your house into your personal steakhouse is a great way to impress any date!


2. Go to the drive in

A warm summer night + a drive-in movie theater = the perfect date night. You can’t go wrong!


3. Backyard campout

No need to be Bear Grylls to pull off a great backyard camping date. A campfire in your backyard with s’mores, blankets, and music makes for a fun summer date night!


4. Ride bikes to a nearby restaurant

If you live near any restaurants, biking with your date to dinner is a great way to change up the usual dinner routine!


5. Take a dance lesson on YouTube

Ok, so you’re not Patrick Swayze. Luckily, Youtube has you covered. For a fun date night in, look up a salsa dance class on Youtube, make a pitcher of Sangria, and dance the night away!


6. Attend a baseball game

Baseball games make a great environment for a summer date night. If you’re dating on a budget, try going during the week for cheaper tickets and deals on food!  


7. Go berry picking

For a unique date, go berry picking at a local farm. If you’re really up for an adventure, try looking up a recipe for your berries and attempt making it together.


8. Find an outdoor concert

Outdoor concerts are a must in the summertime! Pack a picnic and even make it a group date.


9.  Rent a convertible and go for a drive

Pick a day, tell your date not to make plans, pick her up in a rented convertible, go for a mini road trip, and officially win the award for the best summer date. You’re welcome.


10. Go to a midnight movie showing

 Summertime means new summer blockbusters, which means ample date night opportunities. Join the hype of your favorite blockbuster by going to see the midnight showing!


11. Go on a kayaking excursion

If you and your date like water activities, definitely plan a day to rent kayaks and hit the water. Kayaking always makes for a fun and memorable day!


12. At home wine tasting

Going out to wineries is always fun, but what about an at-home wine tasting? Invite your date over, along with other friends and have everyone bring their favorite wine. Then enjoy trying them all!