We all know that sunglasses make you look pretty awesome. Ever heard the phrase I wear my sunglasses at night or the sun never sets on a badass?

Well, I mean it’s true. Those phrases were made for a reason. Sunglasses make you awesome, point blank. But if you’re still not down with the simple explanation that they make you awesome, then here are some more reasons to wear sunglasses…

1. Had a rough night? Put those shades on and no one will know.

2. You ever see someone you think you might know, but you don’t want to get caught staring? Well in sunglasses, hey won’t see you looking. Feel free to give stare downs and mean mugs all day long.

3. You can actually see the road while driving on a sunny day. Duh!

4. Ya look 10x cooler. You. just. do.

5. They’re an easy accessory that adds a lot to an outfit.

6. When the sun stops beating its glorious rays, just push the sunglasses back on your head. Instant headband.

7. Reading outside while enjoying warm weather? Basically an impossible feat without shades.

8. Another excuse to shop. And they’re one of those things you need for health reasons and such, so no need to

feel bad about shopping.

9. Ever had a sunburn on your eyes? You don’t want to.

10. They provide you with UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, which is the most important thing.


If you didn’t think you had reason before, now you have legit reasons to own as many pairs of sunglasses as your heart desires.


Photo: roguesquirrel.com