Sunglasses Visor Clip #103 - Pink

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Item Details:
This bright pink visor clip will keep your sunglasses safe from harm's way in your vehicle. Clip to your visor for easy access.

  • Available colors: Pink
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I bought this clip used it once and the hinge in the back broke. I liked the clip but it was a waste of money. Not very well made.

Great visor clip! Super cute! Love the pink color and super handy!

This would be a cute eyeglass holder for your visor. What I did like about it was that it had a metal clip that hold it to your visor or wherever you want to put it. What I don't like is that i found it hard to open the clip that holds the sunglasses. This clip is made from plastic and doesn't seem to be too sturdy. When I finally got it open I had a hard time clipping it shut. It's a shame because I love that it comes in colors and is a little more stylish then some holders. All in all I don't think this one will last for the long term.