Faux Leather Glasses Pouch & Cloth #1072

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A 2-in-1 accessory that every sunglass wearer should own! Our Faux Leather Glasses Pouch & Cloth #1072 will keep your shades protected and scratch free. This soft pouch has a faux leather exterior with a suede inside. A spring closure ensures your sunglasses stay safely inside, while the attached microfiber cloth helps clean smudges.

7.25" L x 0.2" W x 4" H

  • Available colors: Burgundy Red, Black, Dark Green, Brown, Grey
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This is a fine case for the price. I was hoping for something a little more substantial but this will keep the lenses from getting scratched but not from smashing. Fine for the price.

The cases are a deal and with the cloth attached to the mouth it wont get lost. Definably not crush resilient but a hundred times better then having glasses out in the open to get knocked off a table and scratch the lenses up.