Sunglasses for Tennis

Sunglasses may not protect you from a bad call or wicked tan lines, but they can help you to see your opponent’s backhand more clearly. The right pair of tennis sunglasses will protect your eyes and help control glare. Now, controlling your temper on the other hand? That’s up to you.

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Featured style: SW Polarized Style #55100

Key Qualities of Tennis Sunglasses:

  • Remain light on your feet with a lightweight sunglass style that won’t interfere with your game.
  • Shield style sunglasses will provide a continuous clear view of the court so you don’t miss a beat. You can check out our collection of shield sunglasses here.

Lenses to Look For:

amber lenses for tennis sunglasses


  • Reduce glare
  • Improve contrast on cloudy days
  • Enhance colors, especially the bright hue of a tennis ball

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blue lenses for tennis sunglasses


  • Allow the tennis ball to pop against the background
  • Reduce glare
  • Enhance colors in bright lighting conditions

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grey lenses for tennis sunglasses

Grey or Smoke

  • Preserve colors while reducing brightness
  • Improve visibility on bright days

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orange lenses for tennis sunglasses

Orange or Yellow

  • Increase focus by filtering out blue light
  • Improve contrast on hazy days or when playing indoors

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For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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