Guide to Sunglass Tints

With so many tints to choose from, how do you know which lenses are best for your lifestyle? From biking to baseball and fishing, our guide to sunglass tints breaks down the benefits of each lens for your favorite outdoor (and indoor) activities. Once you’ve perused the guide, pop on over to Sunglass Warehouse to pick out the perfect pair for you!

Just a heads up: With some colored lenses, especially mirrored, the lens color might be different than the actual base tint of the lens. For example, you might have a pair of sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses, but the base tint (what you see while looking through the lens) might be grey or smoke.

sunglass tints

Amber Brown Blue Gradient Grey Green Mirrored Orange Polarized Rose Smoke Yellow 

amber tint simulation

amber lens

Amber Lenses

The brownish-red tint on amber lenses enhances contrast and allows you to make out shapes more clearly. The amber tint blocks out the color spectrum’s blue (or “hazy”) end, providing you with a brighter view on cloudy, hazy, or foggy days. Amber lenses come in handy for:

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blue tint sunglasses simulation

blue lens

Blue Lenses

Blue lenses work to enhance contrast and reduce glare in bright lighting conditions. A blue tint is ideal for:

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brown tint simulation

brown lens

Brown Lenses

A brown tint enhances the light quality of your surroundings, while giving you added depth perception in low-light conditions. Brown lenses work well for:

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gradient tint sunglasses simulation

gradient lens

Gradient Lenses

Gradient lenses are darkest at the top of the lens and gradually become lighter as you look down. This shift in tint protects your eyes from the sun, while allowing you greater visibility than traditional lenses. Gradient tints are helpful for low-light situations and driving.

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green tint sunglasses simulation


Green Lenses

A green-hued lens will provide you with the least amount of color distortion. This lack of distortion makes green-tinted lenses ideal for all-purpose use, clear days, and:

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grey tint sunglasses simulation

grey lens

Grey Lenses

Grey lenses work to dull bright sunlight and reduce glare, making them a great go-to when it comes to bright light conditions and outdoor sports. Grey tinted lenses are optimal for:

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mirrored tint sunglasses simulation

mirrored lens

Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored lenses are identified by the reflective coating on the surface of the lens. Mirrored tints reduce glare without sacrificing contrast definition, and in addition to being known for their stylish appearance, mirrored lenses are helpful for:

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orange tint simulation

orange lens

Orange Lenses

Orange lenses work to increase contrast in overcast or low-light conditions. Orange tinted lenses are a great option for:

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polarized tint simulation

polarized lens

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are designed to filter out the components of light that cause glare, making them ideal for driving and outdoor sports. A polarized tint is also helpful for activities in or around water, where glare can be powerful. Learn more about their benefits and how to tell if your lenses are polarized by visiting our Polarization Guide! Polarized lenses come in handy for:

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rose tint simulation

rose lens

Rose Lenses

Rose lenses have a red-colored tint that provides the best low-light image resolution and also enhances contrast. This enables you to see objects and shapes clearly, because it blocks out the color spectrum’s blue (or “hazy”) end. Try rose-tinted lenses for:

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smoke tint sunglasses simulation

smoke lens

Smoke Lenses

Smoke lenses are a dark-tinted color meant for daytime wear. They decrease sunlight without distorting colors, making them ideal for:

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yellow tint simulation

yellow lens

Yellow Lenses

Yellow lenses increase visibility and depth perception, making them optimal for overcast weather and:

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