Sunglasses for Snow Sports

Take to the slopes and breathe in that fresh, cool air without worrying about your eyes. With protection from UV rays and harsh glare from the snow, the right eyewear can allow you to focus on tearing it up and making the most of every ride.

sunglasses for snow sports

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Key Qualities of Eyewear for Snow Sports:

  • UV protection is crucial for a day on the slope. UV rays that bounce off the snow are magnified and reflected towards your eyes from all directions.
  • Because you’ll be zooming through trees, kicking up ice and maybe even rocks, your sunglasses should have plastic or polycarbonate lenses.

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Lenses to Look For:

polarized lenses for winter sports sunglasses


  • Reduce glare off the snow
  • Create more definition so you can see differences in the surface of the snow

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Note: There is some contention on the polarization issue. Some opticians advise against wearing polarized lenses because you may be unable to see the icy patches in the snow that you would want to avoid. Consider the safety aspects when making your decision.

amber lenses for winter sports sunglasses

Amber or Brown

  • Reduce the blue haze of an overcast day
  • Improve contrast between blue skies and the slopes
  • Reduce glare
  • Brighten vision on cloudy days

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grey lenses for winter sports sunglasses

Grey or Smoke

  • Reduce glare and overall brightness
  • Preserve colors
  • Reduce eye strain on bright days

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mirrored lenses for winter sports sunglasses


  • Help block an additional 10-60 percent of visible light
  • Reduce brightness on sunny days

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orange lenses for winter sports sunglasses

Orange or Yellow

  • Increase visibility on cloudy days
  • Improve depth perception by reducing the blue tint of haze

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rose lenses for winter sports sunglasses


  • Increase visibility on cloudy days
  • Improve contrast

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For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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