Sunglasses for Fishing

Patience is key when it comes to making that big catch, but then again, so is your vision. Protect your eyes from UV rays and the water’s reflection like a true fisherman — so you can keep your eye on the line and reel in a big one.

sunglasses for fishing

Featured style: SW Polarized Sport Style #1031

Key Qualities of Fishing Sunglasses:

  • Polarized lenses are key for any fisherman. For a complete breakdown of polarization’s fishing benefits, check out the lens tints section below, browse our selection of polarized sunglasses, and learn even more with our Polarization Guide.
  • Protect your eyes from UV rays reflecting off the water with wrap around style sunglasses (like these).

Lenses to Look For:

amber lenses for fishing sunglasses

Amber or Brown

  • Improve clarity when fishing in sandy lakes or stream beds
  • Increase contrast
  • Improve clarity on overcast days
  • Help differentiate between blue skies and darker water

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grey lenses for fishing sunglasses


  • Reduce overall brightness for sunny days and offshore fishing
  • Maintain color clarity

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orange lenses for fishing sunglasses

Orange or Yellow

  • Improve focus by filtering out blue light
  • Increase contrast on cloudy days

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polarized lenses for fishing sunglasses


  • Eliminate glare off water
  • Give you a wider scope of vision
  • Help you see deeper into the water
  • Create more definition
  • Help you see across choppy water

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rose lenses for fishing sunglasses


  • Improve contrast in overcast and sunny conditions

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For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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