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Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines. The Indianapolis 500 is (almost) here, and we’re ready to pile on the race gear. Whether you choose to spend race day partying in the infield or enjoying the view from the Speedway stands, we’ve got the styles you want and the shades you need. Read on to see both infield and stands looks for guys and gals!

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For the Guys

Infield Style:

Infield Style - For the Guys

In the infield, anything goes. Where else is mixing camouflage, American flag, and checkered patterns not only acceptable, but encouraged? Beat the heat with a hydration pack and our mirrored flat-top sports shades. Then, earn your crown as King Tailgater with flip-flops that double as a bottle opener.

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Stands Style:

Speedway Style MEN

Show your Indiana pride inside the Motor Speedway with this one-of-a-kind tee featuring the state flag. Keep things light and casual with a pair of chino shorts, a camouflage backpack, and a pair of our polarized aviators. These shades cut down on glare and will give you a high-def view of the fastest cars on the planet.

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For the Gals

Infield Style:

Infield Style WOMEN

Acid wash, fanny packs, and jorts. Need we say more? Dressing for a day in the infield is all about having fun and being bold. Comfortable flip-flops, a trucker hat, and a pair of our ombre lens aviator shades will complete your race day ensemble. The only thing missing is that eagle tattoo you’ve always wanted … right?

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Stands Style:

Speedway Style WOMEN

Keep your race day outfit simple and cute if you plan to spend it hanging out in the stands. We recommend a loose, flowy top and a straw hat to keep the sun off your face. Add a pair of our polarized retro shades to complete this effortlessly cool look.

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