“Sorry I ate the last slice of pizza.” “I’m sorry you don’t share my taste in TV shows.” “Even though it’s not that weird, I’m sorry I left you 12 voicemails last night.” “I’m sorry I turn into a completely different person during football season.” The holidays are a time for reflection and renewal. As […]

Whether you’re hosting cousins or entertaining ugly sweater-clad friends, it’s likely you’re going to need a sleigh full of holiday tunes to keep the party going this winter. But between hanging the lights and hunting down the perfect tree, who has time to do more than throw on that collection of cheesy holiday covers you’ve […]

  So, what does your drink say about you? Are you bitter like a cup of black coffee, spirited like eggnog, or bright and bubbly like a flute of champagne? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter — Happy Holidays!

The White Elephant Party — just one of the many holiday-themed parties to add to your list of seasonal shenanigans. If you’ve ever attended one before, you know how hard it is to come up with the most hilarious, strange, slightly inappropriate, and not-so-expensive gift to charm the pants off of everyone. Right? Good thing […]