Burn Notice: Snag Michael Westen-Inspired Shades

Burn Notice Sunglasses

On June 6th, the final season of Burn Notice aired on USA Network. And while we eagerly watched to see if Fiona stuck by Michael’s side after he returned to the CIA, we also prayed that Michael (played by Jeffrey Donovan) would be sporting his ever-famous shades. Even though we can't live an undercover life like Michael Westen, we can definitely steal his sunglass style! Th  READ MORE

How To: Clean Your Sunglasses


Everyone loves a good cleaning, right? Okay, maybe that's just Monica Geller… Let me rephrase - everyone understand the importance of a good cleaning, right? Nod your heads, yes. Well cleaning goes beyond tidying your room and doing the dishes. It's important to keep your sunglasses clean too! What good are they to you if you can't see out of them? So next time you find y  READ MORE

UV Protection Recommendations

UV Index Map

We all love the sun, right? Or at least protecting our eyes from the sun since this is a sunglasses blog. Or maybe you just like looking awesome? Either way, I've got a couple tools to share with you that help you know what kind of UV protection you need. All About Vision has a UV map of the US that is updated twice daily. You locate yourself on the map, see what color  READ MORE

Why You Should Wear Sunglasses While Driving

It's important to wear sunglasses while driving

There's no better place to rock out to your favorite jams than in the comfort of your own car. However, while you're driving in the sunshine you run the risk of actually being blinded by the light, which could put you in a dangerous situation. So before you cruise off into the sunset, be sure to grab a pair of shades. You may be inside the car, but you're not protected from  READ MORE

Missing Pieces?


Do you wear your sunglasses and then throw them in the bottom of your purse only to find that the next time you take them out, you've got a missing screw or nose piece, or they're just loose? Do you then just shrug, throw them back in the purse and find a new pair to wear? Yeah, we've been there. But why? Fixing glasses is pretty simple and you can find the kits with screw  READ MORE