Music Monday: Hit the Road

Road Trip Playlist

Oh, the open road. What's better than piling in a car with your closest friends, rolling down the windows, blasting some tunes, and heading off into the sunset for an epic road trip? Absolutely nothing. Hit the road with these songs in your speakers and set the mood for an epic trip. Don't forget to follow the playlist on Spotify! Safe travels, road trippers. Gotta Get Away  READ MORE

Music Monday: Tailgating Songs

top tailgating songs

Pop the trunk, fire up the grill, and crack open a few cold ones -- tailgating season is here. So you can focus on the important things (like burgers or brats?) we've created a playlist of tailgating hits you can crank all day long. Whether you're there for the team or the beer, we've got the music covered. Listen below or subscribe to the Spotify playlist for instant access  READ MORE

Music Monday: Classic Cover Songs

Music Monday

Is the original always better? After scouring Spotify for the best cover songs out there, we're not so sure anymore! Take a trip through the decades with these fresh remakes of old classics. Dance around the living room, sing in the shower -- it's time to get this old-school party started. Make sure to subscribe to the playlist on Spotify so you can follow our vintage-retro  READ MORE

Music Monday: Best Break-Up Songs

top 29 break-up songs

The bad break-up. We've all been there. And whether the end of a romantic era makes you turn to the punching bag or a bottomless tub of ice cream, chances are there is also an awesome (or awesomely bad -- we don't judge) break-up song that will help ease the pain. In case you're still searching for the right tune to cure your post-relationship blues (and crying in your car  READ MORE

Music Monday: Fourth of July Playlist


Get the fireworks ready -- we couldn't be any more excited to start celebrating the land of the free and home of the brave. Have your best Fourth of July yet with our ultimate playlist, made for you to rock out to the songs that remind us of America the beautiful. Whether you're watching fireworks downtown, grilling hot dogs with your neighbors, or relaxing out on the lake,  READ MORE