So, what does your drink say about you? Are you bitter like a cup of black coffee, spirited like eggnog, or bright and bubbly like a flute of champagne? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter — Happy Holidays!

The White Elephant Party — just one of the many holiday-themed parties to add to your list of seasonal shenanigans. If you’ve ever attended one before, you know how hard it is to come up with the most hilarious, strange, slightly inappropriate, and not-so-expensive gift to charm the pants off of everyone. Right? Good thing […]

Plan your next holiday party like a boss with our foolproof event checklist. We break it down for you week by week, so you know exactly when to do what. We’ve got your back as far as planning goes, but when the festivities begin, you’re on your own. (We can’t be held responsible for any […]

Tis the season for crafting! You’re not the only one adding more pins to that DIY board as the holidays approach. We challenged our favorite bloggers to create some fun, easy DIYs with nothing but a box of crazy-festive crafting supplies. Check out what they came up with and try them out on your own! […]