The Best Summer Beers of 2016

best summer beer

As a stout and porter guy, the summer presents the opportunity to branch out and try new things, as nothing goes down worse after mowing grass in 90 degree heat than a room temperature stout (except for maybe milk). So, when tasked with narrowing down the top summer beers of 2016, I had to think situationally — i.e., which beers go best with campfires, beaches, barbecues, e  READ MORE

50 Outdoor Summer Activities to Do This Year

summer activities list

It's summertime and the world is your oyster. No longer are we constrained to a mere 8 hours of sunlight — with longer days, there's never been more time for activities. Summer activities, to be exact. While the list of things to do in the summer is endless, we narrowed it down to our top 50. If that's not enough for you overachievers out there that think they'll get through  READ MORE

Your Ultimate Summer Food Bucket List

skyline chili

Summer is finally here and we couldn't be more excited. Why? Well, there's the phenomenon that everything seems to be more fun in the summer and suck in the winter (we're looking at you, Chicago). But we're not talking about that. We're talking about food. Sweet, delicious, summer food. The days are longer, and the cuisine opportunities are endless. At Sunglass Warehouse,  READ MORE

Every Fast Food Barbecue Sauce, Ranked

barbecue sauce rankings

Which french fries are best? Who has the most delicious burger? These are discussions that we've all probably had when talking about fast food restaurants. And while these are, in fact, important conversations, we think it's time to start focusing on a different area of fast food cuisine — the condiments. Don't laugh, we're serious. And because it just happens to be Natio  READ MORE

5 Sunglasses That Are Trending This Summer


Here at Sunglass Warehouse, summer is taken very seriously. We stock up on all the newest styles, frames, and lenses because we know that you're going to be spending a ton of time outdoors. From music festivals to lake house shenanigans, you should have stylish shades that you also won't be afraid to destroy. Because summer destroys shades. It's a fact. And while we know  READ MORE