We’ve been busy around SW lately! Maybe you’ve seen us on your local news station, spreading the word on sun safety, sunglasses for your face shape, and the best gifts for Dad on Father’s Day (it’s this weekend, people!). Check out the clips below and #StayShaded! The Perfect Gift for Dad We could’ve told you […]

It’s summertime and you know what that means — road trip! Whether you’re trekking across the country or just getting away for a quick weekend excursion, there’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. Roll your windows down and let the music blast, but don’t forget to check these key items off your […]

Summer is here and it’s time to #GetPatriotic for the 4th of July! Get ready for America’s favorite holiday with our epic party guide. It’s loaded up with festive DIYs, playlists, hot dog psychology (it’s a thing, we promise), and of course, the hottest sunglasses for your Born-in-the-USA style. Check it out, share it with […]

Here in Indy, we only have one thing on our minds come springtime — the Indianapolis 500, of course! From Mini-Marathon and concerts to time trials and the main event, putting together a successful tailgate is a must for locals and visitors alike. Who doesn’t love a weekend full of meeting fellow race fans, enjoying […]