The Best Sunglasses for Fishing in 2016

Patience is key when it comes to making that big catch. If you’ve ever been fishing all day on the lake or river, then you know that forgetting your sunglasses means game over. No one likes being blinded by the sun for hours at a time. No one.

Not only can the sun be annoying as hell, but it’s also damaging to your eyes. UV protection is vital in these situations, perhaps even on the same level as your extra line and bobbers. And that’s saying something.

For a long day in the sun, learn which sunglasses qualities are valuable near water, and check out our top sunglasses for fishing.

best sunglasses for fishing

Key Qualities of Fishing Sunglasses:

The number one quality to look for when shopping for fishing sunglasses is polarization. Because you will be surrounded by water, polarized lenses will be the most effective way to cut glare from the surface. For a complete breakdown about polarization and to learn how it works, read our Polarization Guide. Or simply take our word for it — polarized lenses clear up vision.

Another quality to be aware of is UV protection. If your shades are not UV protected, they could actually cause your eye more harm than not wearing sunglasses at all, as your pupil dilates behind the tinted lens and lets more UV light into your eye. Good news for you, all our sunglasses (and most sunglasses in general) are UV protected.

Recommended Sunglasses:


floating fishing sunglassesOur Biscayne sunglasses are probably the most versatile fishing sunglasses we carry. Not only do they float (game changer), they’re also available with amber lenses, which increase contrast and improve clarity on overcast days. These qualities help to differentiate between blue skies and darker water, while also improving clarity when fishing in sandy lakes or stream buds. What did we tell you — they’re a jack of all trades.

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smoke tinted sunglassesIf the sun is out in full force, we recommend using polarized smoke lenses. These darker tinted lenses reduce overall brightness while maintaining color clarity for sunny days and offshore fishing. Add in a sporty wraparound style and these shades aren’t going anywhere.

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mirrored fishing sunglassesAs mentioned above, one of the most important features of fishing sunglasses is polarized lenses. Our polarized Arctic shades help reduce glare off water to give you a wider scope of vision. By creating more definition, polarized lenses can also help you see deeper into the water, as well as see across choppy water. Mirrored lenses help with, well, style.

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Low light fishing sunglassesYellow tinted sunglasses like our Tenmile are perfect for fishing in low light. Initially designed for driving, these shades will help you on the water by increasing contrast on cloudy days and improving focus by filtering out blue light. Plus, they’re polarized.

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While these are just our top recommended fishing sunglasses, there are plenty more to check out at the warehouse. We can’t guarantee a good day on the lake, but we can guarantee that fishing with good shades will make the experience a whole lot better. For more on the benefits of different lenses, visit our Guide to Sunglass Tints.

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