Sunglasses for Baseball and Softball

Whether you bring the heat or come out swinging, the diamond is yours for the taking. Protect your eyes with a pair of sunglasses that will make the most of every at-bat. Get out there and play ball.

Best Sunglasses for Baseball and Softball

Key Components of Baseball & Softball Sunglasses:

  • A snug, wraparound fit will prevent your shades from falling off as you slide into home or dive for a ball.
  • Look for rubber ear pieces to help secure your sunglasses to the back of your head or on the inside of your helmet.
  • Decrease the likelihood of your glasses shattering on the field by picking a pair with plastic or polycarbonate lenses. Good news — all of our sports sunglasses come with this type of lens.
  • If you’re looking for durability, a full frame style will be less likely than half-rim or rimless sunglasses to break on impact.

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Lenses to Look For:

A serious baseball player has several pairs of sunglasses with varying lens tints to accommodate different lighting conditions. The right lens tint will make the white color of the baseball pop against the bright sky and field.

Amber Lenses

  • Reduce glare
  • Block blue light to brighten vision on cloudy days
  • Increase contrast, especially between the green field and blue sky up

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Smoke Lenses

  • Reduce glare and overall brightness while preserving color quality
  • Filter out blue light
  • Reduce eye strain on bright, sunny days

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Mirrored Lenses

  • Reduce sun damage with 100% UV protection
  • Shield your eyes from your opponents — with mirrored lenses, your eyes are covered!
  • Add some colorful style to your athletic look

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 Check out our video on the best sunglasses for baseball below:

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