Mirror, Mirror! Hot Celebrity Spring Trend

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the hottest spring trend of them all? Ah, you guessed it — mirrored sunglasses! From bright retro square styles to edgy-cool aviators, this trend is taking the fashion world by storm. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials, mirrored lens sunglasses are popping up left and right on Hollywood’s biggest names.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! And find out where you can get a few celeb-inspired pairs of your very own:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba mirrored wayfarers - Get the look for less!Jessica Alba mirrored wayfarers - Get the look for less!

                                                     2013 Trend: Bright mirrored sunglasses

2013 Trend: Clear Mirrored sunglasses

Jessica Alba always looks great in our eyes, especially when she’s wearing a chic pair of sunnies. Jessica proves that mirrored styles, much like these multi-colored frames, can be worn for every casual occasion this season. Going to lunch with the girls? We love her quirky, feminine look on the left. Headed for an afternoon cup of joe? Throw on a tank, lightweight scarf, and a super-chic pair of clear retro styles with mirrored lenses.

Zac Efron

2013 Celeb Trend: Men's Mirrored Aviators

Men's Celeb Spring Trend: Mirrored Aviators

Zac Efron is hot, hot, hot in his classic mirrored aviators, wouldn’t you agree? We love this style because of its versatility! Everyday aviators can be worn by both male and female sunglass-wearers, and look good with everything from cutoffs to a pair of khakis. These mirrored aviators are strikingly similar to Zac’s and won’t break the bank!

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian look for less: mirrored sunglasses!

What do you think of these bold beauties? The mirrored shield style sported by the the oldest Kardashian sister is perfect for spring and summer, especially if you’re looking for extra protection (and an extra dose of style) while at the pool or beach. These look-alike shield sunglasses are fun, flirty, and come in a variety of colors!

Christina Milian

Celeb trend: mirrored sunglasses

Spring Sunglass Trend: Mirrored Lenses + Printed Frames!

With reflective lenses and festive frames, these sunnies are a fresh take on the typical retro square style! You’ll be a definite trendsetter this season while sporting a pair of these mirrored tortoise sunglasses, which are a pretty close match to singer Christina Milian’s. We love how she kept things low-key in a perfect-for-spring jacket, red lipstick, and a leopard scarf.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Look for Less: Mirrored Aviators

Hot Spring Trend: Mirrored Aviators

Mrs. Ryan Reynolds seems to have it all, doesn’t she? While we might not be able to have her husband (sigh), we can steal her sunglass style! These blue mirrored aviators are a fun alternative to the typical silver reflective lenses. Plus, they’re an effortless outfit addition for road trips, music festivals, and outdoor parties this spring!

Jason Derulo

Celeb Trend: Mirrored Sunglasses

Hot Male Celeb Trend: Mirrored Sunglasses

Looking for something more sporty? The reflective shades on Jason Derulo are the perfect option! With a square shape, these futuristic sunnies are both fresh and versatile — especially paired with a leather jack, basic tee, and jeans. We think these similar sport sunglasses are a spring staple for guys!

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