Celeb’ Style: Rick Ross Sunglasses

Rick Ross goes big.  Whether we’re talking bling, lyrics, or body type, this boy is not a timid one.

The dude has a diamond-encrusted pendant of his own face hanging around his neck.  You don’t get much more in-your-face than that.

Second to the hunter green velour track suit he’s rockin’, his sunglasses caught my eye, as I happen to wear a style quite similar to them.

The SW Aviator Style #500 has been my favorite style for a long time now, and it’s clear my taste has officially been reinforced, if not just straight jocked by the big man.

Slightly wider than average, this pseudo-shield style was the perfect choice for Rick Ross’s daily agenda of hustlin’.

rick ross aviator sunglasses

All it do is win, win, win.

Obviously, this style works for a variety of face shapes, as it looks good on a bear of a man and also works on my little ginger girl face.  The metal frame makes it adjustable, which is perfect for those of us who are constantly fussing with our sunglass fit.

Perfect for reppin’ ya city, the #500 style will keep you looking like a boss like uncle Ross.

…I’m not a rapper.  Please pardon my elementary rhyming.

Photo: OzoneMag.com