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How to Have Fun at Your State Fair

How to Have a Blast at Your State Fair

It’s late summer, meaning state fairs are happening all around the country. Here in Indiana, ours ended last week. We took advantage of the cooler-than-usual weather to get out there and play some games, eat some delicious (friday and greasy, of course) food, and learn some fun facts about  READ MORE


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10 Places to Put Extra Shades

10 Places to Keep Extra Sunglasses

There’s basically nothing worse than leaving home for the day only to realize you forgot your sunglasses. Major bummer, right? When you’re wearing $150 designer sunglasses, it’s a little bit harder  READ MORE

things to do in the summer

Bucket List: 50 Fun Activities for Summer

It’s that time of year when blue skies and sunshine can’t help but make you smile, and you dream of spending every waking moment outside. Unfortunately, we can get caught up in a summer routine of the  READ MORE