Aviator Flip-Up Polarized Sunglasses #1382

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Cocoons Sunwear now offers a great way to stop squinting. These Flip-Up Polarized Sunglasses are scratch resistant, and offer polarized lenses that eliminate glare and block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This aviator style of flip lenses fit glasses up to 58mm wide (one lens) and clip to the top center of your glasses frame. Simply flip these unique shades down for UV400 protection outside, or flip them up while indoors. (Please note that the Yellow Lenses are Dark Yellow.)

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Grey Lenses: neutral tint that delivers natural color definition and contrast. Ideal for every day use in bright light conditions where enhanced contrast is not required.

Copper Lenses: general purpose tint that heightens depth perception and object definition by filtering blue light. Ideal for skiing, fishing and all flat light conditions.

Amber Lenses: effective at absorbing most blue light waves which sharpens visual acuity, improving depth perception and contrast in variable light conditions. Ideal for fishing, driving, and general use.

Dark Yellow Lenses: improves contrast and gives a sensation of heightened visual acuity in low light conditions and provides excellent depth perception and dramatic contrast in low light. Standard in skiing and shooting.

  • Metal Frame
  • UV400 Sun Protection
  • Polarized
  • Available colors: Grey Lenses, Amber Lenses, Copper Lenses, Yellow Lenses
Medium Fit
  • Bridge Dimensions
    135mm / 5.31in
  • Eye Dimension
    Eye Height
    53mm / 2.09in
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Excellent. Stop glare, sturdy, fit fine.
Would like a lighter yellow shade.

These flip-ups are perfect for my use of them while captaining my vessel. They cut through haze and allow the various markers to show even under minimal light conditions. Flip up easily while I scan my GPS and radar screens.

great! working terrifically for my dad who has macular degeneration. The glare of the sun, even in the winter bothers him without these. Noe, he doesn' hurt AND he doesn't have to change glasses.

Pros: I like the aviator look of these shades. They grip my glasses tightly enough, they flip up enough as to be out of my line of sight, they flip down enough as to not rattle, and they cover all of my reading lenses. Cons: I would like a more yellow, blue blocker color lens.

These glasses were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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